Central in these paintings is our relationship to nature and the ephemeral beauty of our planet.

All of these works are from a series that explores worlds both macro- and micro- cosmic; mysteries that we may never know, or those yet to be discovered.

It is my intent that this series of work embodies both the longing and hope that binds us to nature.

In my visual language I use the repetitive form of the circle or spiral to create the surfaces of the paintings. The spiral is an ancient gesture/symbol most often associated with the natural world as opposed to the mechanical straight lines of the triangle or square.

I believe that repetition is at the heart of many of things that are sacred to us in this world. Repetition is prayer; the intimate habits that compose lives and relationships. Repetition is the delicate patterns in the bark of trees, the petals of flora and the flow of water; elements that we connect with on a silent yet viseral part of us.

The media is oil on prepared panel. Some of the pieces of this series are implemented directly on a prepared ground/surface, but others have been layered, employing many coats of translucent glaze. The paint in the mark making is mixed and layered directly on the panel to achieve a myriad of subtle colors.